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maria peres


I’m Maria.

In my teenage years my body was really sick and this made me go in a path of healing, healing my feminine and find my on true.
In the beginning of my 20’s I’ve went to Brazil with a deep call to heal my self, to be able to feel healthy from within and be in a more truthfull connection with my body.
There, I expanded a lot the understanding of what is means nourishment, through food, being in nature, in a more direct connection in the elementary forces. I start to study Ayurveda Medicine and some years later I’ve went to India, to deepening this studies and try to get closer to the source from where this knowledge and way of living has come. Somehow I’ve spend around 4 years, going to India, to study, practice Panchakarma treatments in clinic and as well in a naturopath hospital.
The female health it’s absolutely what I’ve been dedicating most as it was what I need to much to heal. I combine Natural Gynecology, Ayurveda Medicine and Herbalism to support other women who are dealing with imbalances in the physical body and struggles in their life.


I’m deeply inspired with the process of cooking food and medicine making.
I’m learning Alchemiam, also called Spagyria which teaches about separating the false from the true. It’s an alchemical work of separating, purifying and recombining, to increase and release of certain curative powers that are present in nature and can support our health.
I’m the creator of Apoema Healing Within, a project that was born with the true call to support & inspire other women to connect with their own essence and to find their balance and their own path for healing and health.

I’m the founder of Living as Sacred that came as vision to create a school that is based on a deep sense of education. Not only to encourage, inspire but as well to engage with the affective and relational. Acknowledging the Earth as our common home, so we can live with a deep sense of belonging, purpose and connection. Remembering that we are all interconnected.

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