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a bit about us

Coração Shala - a space for yoga, therapies and other nurturing practices.

A space to give home to man-made magic.

Our mission is to serve the ones that look for practices to nourish, to grow, to heal, to awake. We work from the body, the breath, with our voices, our spirits, we are home for the Heart (Coração).

One of our aims is to serve all tribes, the ones who come from a different side of the world and the local people from this beautiful land where we live. We disregard differences of politycal, religious, sexual orientation, gender or any other preference. All the ones who come in peace are welcome to Coração Shala.

Screenshot 2023-06-03 at 11-40-00 Diana Capitão (_dicapitao) • fotos e vídeos do Instagram
Screenshot 2023-06-03 at 11-40-16 Diana Capitão (_dicapitao) • fotos e vídeos do Instagram
Coração Shala was founded in November 2022, by Cata M. Silva & Diana Capitão, and is now managed by Cata.
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