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cata (catarina m. silva)


Hi! I’m Cata, co-founder and co-manager of Coração Shala.

I have been introduced to yoga about 2 decades ago. It was a persistent back ache that called me to try Yoga, and the Iyengar practice was the one that brought me to the Yoga mat. What started as a physical practice became deeper with meditation and yoga philosophy infusing my life.

I have studied Hatha, Ashtanga Yoga and Ayurveda in Kerala, south of India, where I became a certified Yoga instructor. 


In Amsterdam, where I lived a few years, I studied Yoga Nidra with Matsyendra, an inspiring man who was a direct student of Satyananda, and dived in the meditative aspect of the practice.

A few years ago, I got in touch with the power of softness when I started to deepen Yin Yoga practice. 

That pulled me to study Yoga Anatomy, functional Yoga, the Meridian theory and TCM principles (Traditional chinese medicine) and led me to do Yin Yoga training with Sebastien Pucelle and Murielle Burelier in Bali. Since then I love to integrate the Yin and Yang aspects in my classes.


Most recently I was trained in Breath and Meditation with Chritopher Perkins in Baja California in Mexico.

Alongside I have also been trained in Balinese massage, Thetahealing® , Reiki I 


I have been teaching yoga for about 6 years in different countries, The Netherlands, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Mexico.

I am now based in Aljezur, Portugal.  


The exploration of the spiritual being is infused in the practices, starting and unfolding from the body into deeper aspects of the self. 

Through a functional approach to the Yoga practice I want to guide people to feel home in their bodies, to experience presence and to cultivate awareness throughout their lives.


In this powerful creative year, I opened Coração Shala together with Diana Capitao - a space for yoga, therapies and other magicians. I also host regular Yoga retreats in Portugal with Ocean and Yoga and Fundacao Inatel.

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