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Pinda Swedhana | Massage Therapy

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  • 1 h
  • 1hr 72€ | 2hr - 88€
  • Coração Shala


Pinda Swedhana is a massage therapy that causes sweating by touching the skin with small bags filled with medicated rice in a cloth bag. The bags are heated in hot milk or a prepared decoction based on the health condition to be treated. This massage technique has the purpose to nourish , strengthen and rejuvenate the body, especially when the physical condition is weak. Benefits Of Pinda Sweda Pinda Sweda effectively treats pain from injuries and age-related musculoskeletal problems. When the warm medicated oil is applied to the joints and gently massaged, it relieves joint pain, increases blood circulation, enhances the flexibility of the joints, heals and rejuvenates them from within. Pinda Sweda additionally reduces stress, cures insomnia, soothes nerves and relaxes muscles. Reduces Stress The therapeutic properties of the oil on target pressure points drastically reduces stress.Manages pain and inflammation Relieves pain and inflammation in problem areas, increases blood flow and rejuvenates the system. Soothes Nerves & Joints The massage has soothing properties on the nerves and joints, relaxing and rejuvenating them. Detoxes Removes metabolic wastes from the body, hence acting as a mini detox treatment. Heals Injuries Heals age related musculoskeletal problems and injuries naturally. Time & Price for session: 1hr - 72€ | 2hr - 88€ Pack 5 sessions: 350€ (1:30h each session) bookings and more info with Maria: +351919419296 @apoema_healingwithin

Cancellation Policy

Once you have a confirmed therapy with the therapist you have a confirmed therapy at Coracao Shala.

Contact Details

  • Rua 29 de Agosto, Aljezur, Portugal

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