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Abhyanga | Healing Massage

Book with Maria +351919419296

  • 1 h
  • 1hr - 66€ | 2hr - 88
  • Coração Shala


A deep & relaxing ayurvedic ritual. Abhyanga is the art of massage with warm healing oils. It is known to restore the balance of the doshas organically and enhance the physical, mental and spiritual state of the body through ‘Sneha’ which translates to both ‘oil’ and ‘love’. In Ayurveda Medicine to involve the body in oil is the equivalent of being involved in Love. Such is the power of the Abhyanga massage. The Benefits of Abhyanga Supports the body’s immune system and increases circulation, eliminating toxins. lubricates joints for easy movement, increasing mental alertness, reduces stress and fatigue. Improves skin health, enhances hair quality, and supports a deeper sleep, the benefits of Abhyanga are countless. Improves skin and hair health Abhyanga increases blood flow, eliminates toxins and promotes healthy hair and skin to mirror good health from within. Reduces stress and fatigue Abhyanga is known to help cope with stress and promote mental alertness and improved moods. Promotes sound sleep Abhyanga helps restore quality of sleep and through the soothing massage enables sound sleep and improves sleep patterns. Enhances immune function Abhyanga boosts immunity. making the body stronger against potential imbalances and promotes overall wellbeing. Prevents premature aging Abhyanga addresses signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines from within to ensure aging is a slow and graceful process. Nourishment Abhyanga it’s a full body massage nourishes the entire body: promoting musculoskeletal and nervous health, mental and physical health. Time & Price for session: 1hr - 66€ | 2hr - 88€ Pack 5 sessions: 300€ (1:30h each session) Contact Maria for bookings: +351919419296 @apoema_healingwithin

Cancellation Policy

Once you have a confirmed therapy with the therapist you have a confirmed therapy at Coracao Shala.

Contact Details

  • Rua 29 de Agosto, Aljezur, Portugal

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