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Mountain Retreat

Monchique, Algarve . Portugal


Yin Yoga, Meditation, Journaling, Contemplation, Sound


In this Yin Yoga Retreat we come to the beautiful mountains of Monchique in the Algarve for a contemplation journey. Four days with deep restorative practices, meditation, journaling and sound.


Every day we will explore the Yin Yoga practice and its foundations of the 5 element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

This retreat creates a space of rest for you to observe and take ownership on your own journey.

The importance of Stillness

In a busy world like the one we live in, on a fast paced lifestyle that we are thought to embrace, it is imperative to stop and to question - where is our attention and energy going? When we feel drained, when we feel tired and disconnected, when we feel confused, the answer is to stop and to observe.


To let the distractions fall out and to connect to that wisdom that lives inside. In this mountain retreat you can expect less noise and less busyness. We want to create that space of awareness through our practices and through our silence - so we can see the essential and what really matters. 


When we arrive to the mountain we feel the grounding energy that invites us to go slower and to enjoy the essence of time.

with Cata

what is included:

- 4 nights on an eco boutique nested in the mountain

- access to sauna and pool

- daily morning meditation & pranayama

- daily morning yoga (Hatha/ Vinyasas)

- daily afternoon yin yoga/ nidra sessions

- daily introduction to TCM (traditional chinese medicine) concepts

- reflexion readings and journaling exercises

- 1 sound journey

- guidance & support in your practice & process by the teachers

- daily homemade plant-based, local meals: brunch, snacks and dinner



Wild Oasis is an eco boutique, a paradise nestled in the mountains of Monchique (Algarve; South of Portugal) and guarded by a powerful ancient forest where it's cultivated presence and connection.

A place to nourish self-empowerment, authentic expression and transformation, to slow down and reconnect to a natural rhythm.

about the facilitator


a typical day...


  • 8.00 Tea and Meditation

  • 8:30 - 10:00  Yoga & Movement Practice

  • 11:00 Healthy, home-made delicious brunch


  • 12:00 Contemplative readings, TCM workshop, and journaling exercises

  • 13:00 - 17:00 Free time, walks in nature, journaling, pool

  • 17:00 - 18:30 Yin yoga practice, yoga Nidra, or meditative concert


  • 19:00 Healthy, homemade dinner and evening specials

More information & Sign Ups:

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