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Heidi Miller is a certified Reiki Master, Reiki Drum Master Practitioner & Breathwork Facilitator. The reiki sessions support you on your personal growth and self-love path, opening your heart and helping to release what is stuck and no longer needed.   


“My intention is to support my clients as they awaken to their own personal growth and healing journey. I see myself as a guide empowering others to become their own healer, cultivating love, presence & to finding inner freedom.”

— Heidi, Reiki Master

Reiki treatment

1 HOUR €70

The Reiki experience is a supportive and nurturing healing treatment  which works on the whole person - the physical, emotional, mental & Spiritual wellbeing.  


This relaxing session allows for a deeper connection to yourself, unblocking emotions, bringing clarity to your heart and reawakening you to your inner power.  Reiki can lead you to find peace and freedom within.


As with any alternative healing therapy there may be periods of emotional, spiritual or physical shifts in your body, and the Reiki will move you through this with ease and flow.


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