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Kia Ora, I am Elina, a holistic and intuitive massage therapist with a purpose of supporting women to connect on a deeper level with their body, their femininity by using my hands as a healing tool, among others, to take care of their sacred temples.


I have been introduced to massages 3 years ago while I was exploring a new way of living and connecting to life in New Zealand. Graduated as a Social Worker in France, I always had that inner mission to support others and undo blockages for them to feel better and empowered. And by empowering myself, I discover my interest and passion for the human body and its incredible power when we allow ourselves to take care of it and listen to it. 

For 3 years, I have kept nourishing my practice to understand even more how I can support others with my own medicine. Trained in New Zealand, Paris & Thailand, I blend my variety of techniques with my intuition to offer a unique time of connection with your mind, body & soul. By listening to the needs of your body and energy field, I provide a safe & feminine space to re-balance, release tensions and let yourself dive into a deep state of relaxation. 


My offer at the Coracao Shala is specialised in pregnancy massage which I find a beautiful & unique treatment to allow each woman embracing this life changing experience to quiet down the mind from all insecurities, fears, outside noises and focus on the messages of the body, the heart and reconnect in full simplicity to her essence and knowledge. 

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