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4D Yoga Retreat
deepen your yogic practise with sacred geometry
to evolve your mind, body, and spirit beyond the 3rd dimension

Aljezur, Algarve . Portugal

Join us for a transformative week, where we will journey through a mind-expanding series of Yoga merged with creative art sessions, set in the idyllic scenery of Southern Portugal.

  1. Practice Yoga

  2. Draw and construct - Creative art series

  3. Build the energy systems through meditations

A transformation into 4D
broaden your perception of yoga with cutting-edge metaphysical technologies


Deepen your Yoga practise and balance your mind, body and spirit.


Draw and uncover the deep spiritual significance of divine symbolism.


Visualise, breath and activate your aura, become centred, and expand your awareness.

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what is 4D awareness?

Yoga is intimately linked to beautiful Mandalas seen all over Indian culture. Each is linked to a chakra found within the human body. By activating these energy centres, you are able to open your awareness, and tune into your inner knowing.


Yet, this internal energy system is only one part of the story. Additionally, we have a field of energy, the aura, that surrounds us. This was termed the ‘Sphere of Sensation’, by the Hermetic teachings. Just like chakras, the aura is formed of various layers, which also conform to a geometric blueprint.


In 4D Yoga, we incorporate the study of the human energy system through geometric principles, and engage with practices that help us to explore, visualise and active our inner power.


Between ocean and hills of Aljezur, Algarve;

Southwest of Portugal

* 10m from Aljezur town center

* 20m from the most beautiful beaches of Costa Vicentina

* 30m from Lagos & train station

* 1h15 from Faro airport

about the instructors


a typical day...


  • yoga / breathwork

  •  breakfast

  • scared geometry class


  • lunch break

  • sacred geometry class

  • free time


  • merkaba meditation

  • dinner

  • evening activities


ALL INCLUSIVE . full board & accommodation . PER PERSON

Standard  * €1,199


ACCOMODATION EXCLUDED . all classes & 3 meals a day . PER PERSON

7 days * €499

Or just get in touch!
We’d love to hear from you.
What kind of accomodation would you be interested in?

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